Agraria is SQNPI certified 

Agraria is SQNPI certified

Agraria is SQNPI certified

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news & events date18/01/2022

Agraria Riva del Garda has obtained the SQNPI certification.


The Sistema di Qualità Nazionale di Produzione Integrata ("National Quality System for Integrated Production") is a voluntary certification scheme for all those agricultural and agri-food products obtained with integrated production techniques.


At any citizen can report any substandard behaviour by quality operators.

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The "Oli d'Italia 2023" guide rewards 46º Parallelo Monovarietale, Biologico e Uliva DOP Garda Trentino. 
Uliva and 46º Parallelo Biologico receive the "5 Gocce" prize

"Civiltà del bere" and "Vinoway Italia" award our "Selections". 

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