Casaliva Identity 

Casaliva Identity

Innovation and Research for the Extra Virgin Olive Oil on the Alto Garda Trentino

The project "Innovation and Research for the Extra Virgin Olive Oil on the Alto Garda Trentino" has as its main objective to bring out the unique characteristics of the extra virgin olive oil produced by the binomial Casaliva and the territory of Alto Garda.
In this context becomes a significant factor the characterisation of the components of the oils from the area of Alto Garda, and the project will make available the characteristic profiles of the oils from this land, in addition to developing an optimized production science-based process, of Alto Garda oil.
The project has as a major goal in developing an innovative defense process, efficient, sustainable and environmentally friendly, to preserve the oil from the attack of the olive fly.
The industrial target is to strengthen the production chain of Extra Virgin Olive Oil of the Alto Garda, documenting the identity characteristics and defining the manufacturing standards of excellence, in order to increase their market value and the possibilities of innovative marketing actions.
The project is a concrete step in the direction of preserving the area from abandonment of land cultivation, encouraging young people to undertake farming(2).



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