Annual General Meeting

Annual General Meeting

The 2017 social year ended with a record balance.

news & events date24/11/2018

At the Annual General Meeting on 24 November 2018, Agraria closed the 2017 financial year with a more than positive balance: production value rose to 11.1 million euros (+9.21% compared to 2016), a result made possible by the growth in sales of oil (+26%), wine (+23% on average between wholesale and transfer to wineries, including Cavit) and income from the Rural Store (+5%).

President Giorgio Planchenstainer is satisfied with the work of the cooperative: "The vintage 2017 was one of the best in terms of quality and quantity. In particular, for olives it was a record year in terms of oil yield with an average of 19.97%". In general, the results allowed the distribution of an excellent remuneration to the members: the remuneration of the winegrowers increased by 17.50% with 35,497 quintals of grapes delivered, while the average remuneration of the olive growers was 13.08 euros.

The Rural Store also helped to improve the remuneration of its members' products and encouraged their direct sale to the end consumer.

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