Alto Garda: the start of the era of olive growing 4.0 with Uliva GIS 

Alto Garda: the start of the era of olive growing 4.0 with Uliva GIS

Alto Garda: the start of the era of olive growing 4.0 with Uliva GIS

Uliva GIS: the results and practical repercussions of the study coordinated by Agraria Riva del Garda to support olive growing in the area to the north of Lake Garda.

news & events date09/03/2018

A decidedly innovative, one-of-a-kind project, started by Agraria Riva del Garda, in synergy with the Fondazione Edmund MachAIPO Verona and protection bodies for extra virgin olive oil from Garda. Olive growing… just a click away? “Definitely a new way of growing olives, exploiting this geolocation system and its internet feedback, put on line in real time thanks to a platform that is as practical as it is complex: it can be viewed on a mobile phone by olive growers who have joined this initiative by Agraria Riva del Garda. In other words… this is the future of oil.” This is the very simple explanation given by Steno Fontanari, President of Mpa Solutions, curator of the Uliva GIS system (Geographic Information System). A satellite analysis method used to decide all the agricultural work to be carried out in the Garda olive orchards. Conducting a census of the more than 120,000 olive trees, grassing-down, irrigation and preventive treatment.

At the conference, which saw participation by a hundred or so olive farmers, all the different kinds of agronomic innovation linked to fine Garda olives were discussed. Agronomic requirements, systems to improvement the terrain and irrigation, but also recuperating the past in order to better manage the future.

This was reiterated by the experts and highlighted especially by Giorgio Planchenstainer, the President of Agraria.

“A web portal, a smartphone app that helps our members cultivate their farms in the best way possible. From fertilisation to harvest times. All this to guarantee the quality of our EVO.”

Dialogue and stimuli, immediately emphasised also by Furio BatteliniAgraria production director. “Uliva GIS applied to the olive tree, is a project arising from PICA (an integrated mapping platform for agriculture) implemented by Cavit for vine farmers in Trento and therefore a synergic tool focused on quality.” General director Massimo Fia and the other speakers also stressed the possible, immediate effects for the entire rural sector in Garda. “Traceability will be truly transparent, without any deception. Enhancing this whole area, its biodiversity. Indispensable for making the difference.”

Bringing innovation within the reach of everyone.

Evolution in quality, and consumer awareness. Respect for the environment. With all the farmers in contact thanks to extra virgin olive oil and, thanks to this computer project, sharing experiences, handing down knowledge and therefore safeguarding flavours.

 Giacomo Sartori - I paesaggi e i suoli dell'olivicoltura dell'Alto Garda

 Giambattista Toller - Irri4web_un supporto per decidere quando e quanto irrigare l'olivo

 Roberto Zorer - La scheda oliveto in Uliva Gis

 Stefano Pedò - Irrigazione ridotta e gestione del soprassuolo

 Steno Fontanari - La piattaforma integrata Uliva Gis

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