We are a close-knit team that works closely, with field work at every stage of crop year until harvest, pressing or milling, cellar or mill, bottling, marketing and development.

President & CEO

Giorgio Planchenstainer - President
Walter Chistè  - Vice President
Alberto Andreasi - Counsil member
Marco Bonora – Counsil member
Lino Brighenti – Counsil member
Fabio Pellegrini – Counsil member
Stefano Prandi – Counsil member
Andrea Santoni – Counsil member
Giovanni Tonelli – Counsil member
Marco Bonora – Counsil member

Director: Massimo Fia

Extra virgin olive oil speaks English! 
With the arrival of the warm season, Agraria's thematic evenings are back too! 
Agraria's olive oils continue to collect success after success, on a national and global level. Today we... 
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