The European farther north Olive groves produce extra virgin olive oils, DOP Garda Trentino and Organic, renowned throughout the world.

Excellence, quality and unforgettable taste.




Linea Uliva


A selected line of extra virgin olive oil DOP Garda Trentino characterized by quality excellence. Line reserved for gourmets and chefs, experts and lovers of good food and oil tasters.

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Linea 46° ParalleloOlio 46° Parallelo

The extra virgin olive oil, from the far north: 46° parallelo, emphasizes the worldwide further north location, in olive tradition. The oil that adheres to this brand expresses all the features related to the "extreme" area of origin, the fruit of the olive trees in the north of Europe, which grow near the 46th parallel: a Mediterranean oasis in the heart of the Alps

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Linea ImperialeImperiale


Extra virgin olive oil DOP Garda Trentino, of strong Habsburg inspiration, rich in references to the history of the Alto Garda Trentino and to the links with the Imperial Austrian Court and the local district.

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Linea 1926Imperiale

Extra virgin olive oil of our own production, also organic. An oil with a strong identity, ideal for use in everyday cooking.

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Extra virgin olive oil 100 % Italian, selected and marketed by Agraria Riva del Garda, in full compliance with quality standards that characterize it. The label is a tribute to Fortunato Depero, the famous painter from Trentino father of Futurism, and origins from the desire to combine artistic creativity and local territorial identity.

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Mosto d’olio

Mosto d'olio


Extra virgin olive oil must unfiltered, sold freshly pressed, only available from mid-November to early January, better consumed fresh.

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Also available other labels for supermarkets and retail chains

A new award for Uliva DOP Garda Trentino. 
The prestigious "Gambero Rosso" magazine has honoured us with its highest awards. 
Our crown jewel triumphs once again! 
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